The Story Behind Our CBD Brand: A Brother’s Love

Our founder and CEO Twompson Prater was first inspired to start a skincare line when his younger sister, Alyxis, ran to him desperate for help with her skin conditions. Below, Alyxis shares how and when her battle with sensitive skin started, and her journey to a better and more effective solution using Rx Canna Care’s CBD skin care products.

Growing Up with Sensitive Skin

As a young girl, I always remember having very sensitive skin, everything seemed to make me itch. Even something as simple as taking a shower could irritate my skin.

In my teen years, within my day to day routine: school, work, and play, I would regularly break out in hives. To take away the itching feeling, I was regularly taking Benadryl pills as well as using their anti-itch topical creams. Many people often told me the harm in the extended use of taking Benadryl as often as I was, but it seemed to be the only thing I could easily find to mask my discomfort.

Years later as a young adult and college student I started to notice really itchy bumps on my hands and blotches on my body. It would take everything in me not to itch my hands and body into scabs. I tried all I could think of to make it go away. Nearly every solution offered only temporary relief.

Dealing with Stress

Naturally, stress can induce many skin conditions so my first thought was that if I wanted to try and get a grip on this myself, I needed to make some lifestyle changes which included: eating healthy, exercising regularly and even adding in some yoga. That seemed to help my stress levels and the way I felt, ultimately giving me the patience to deal with my skin issues, however, it did not make it go away.

Medication & Strategies

Throughout my struggle, I have tried Benadryl (orally and topically), Cetaphil Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer, Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Cream and pretty much everything else anti itch that I could buy without a prescription. Mind you I wasn’t just using everything all at once, I was using it and then if it didn’t work, I moved on to the next great idea.

Sometimes when you use too many things at once, it can actually make it worse, so I was very careful not to do that. I eventually gave up and went to go see a doctor. The doctor said it was dermatitis and dyshidrotic eczema on my hands and eczema on my body.

She recommended and prescribed a steroid cream in two different strengths. Although the steroid cream was helping, the flair ups never stopped and the side effects were unreal.

Unfortunately, the steroid cream thinned my skin so much that I could squeeze the tip of my finger and blood would come out of the cracks. It was horrible and not to mention painful. The steroid cream caused my skin to become so dry that I had to go back to the doctor for more advice.

She first recommended that I stay away from everything scented and then suggested using Vaseline and gloves at night and Eucerin lotion during the day. After a few weeks, the change was not very significant and my frustrations grew.

Frustrated and Desperate for Help

I was tired of wasting money on products and advice that wasn’t working. I wasn’t just desperate for help, I was upset with the lack of solutions available. This is when it occurred to me that I had yet to mention my problem to my brother, Twompson Prater.

Twompson is a marijuana industry leader who’s been growing and educating others on the plant for over eighteen years. When it comes to Cannabis, he is a mastermind.

I am not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner. He is always doing something new and forever increasing his knowledge, so why couldn’t he make something to alleviate my skin irritation and discomfort?

He was confident he could create a solution using the plant, and made it his goal to help me.

The Start of Relax Organics

Finding a solution to help me with my skin served as the inspiration and start of the Relax Organics line. The first thing he suggested was for me to incorporate the CBD orally into my everyday routine to help my body maintain its balance and homeostasis. And, to enhance the overall effect of the CBD he wanted to develop a type of cream that I could apply topically.

Twompson started to expand his knowledge on skin care. He consulted our older sister for advice on essential oils and ingredients, and not long after that, Canna Cream was formulated.

The Beginning of Real Results

Not much time passed before I was seeing significant results from the Canna Cream. It was starting to make my skin look human again. It helped take away the intolerable itching feeling. It also put moisture back into my skin, especially where the steroid cream had done damage. Most of all, after a month or so, the itching and the visible appearance was completely gone.

Facing a New Problem

While experiencing amazing results, I had mentioned in passing to my brother “I’ll know my eczema is really bad if it ever makes it to my face.” I guess you can say, I jinxed myself.

That summer I got eczema all over my face. It was the worst feeling EVER. I had thought it was bad being on my body, but oh no, eczema on the face is way worse, especially being a woman.

I was stuck with two negatives: don’t wear any makeup and have these horrible looking blotches all over my face, or wear makeup and have super dry flaky skin with somewhat hidden blotches. I started to use the Canna Cream on my face and it actually provided me with great moisture and relief. It also allowed me to use a little makeup to attempt to hide some blotches that still remained embarrassingly visible.

Unfortunately, after continued use, it started to make me break out. I told my brother and again he came to the rescue. This time for my face.

Canna Lotion & the Canna Cosmetics line

After delving into facial skin care, Twompson came up with a new formula that worked perfectly on my face. He named it Canna Lotion.

Canna Lotion is a thinner formula, with no bees wax. Most importantly, it helped my facial skin become 100% eczema free. To date, I still use it under my make up.

CBD: An Essential Part of My Life

The Canna Cream, Canna lotion and the pure whole flower CBD has made its way into my everyday skin care routine. If it was not for my brother and his determination to make a product for me and my skin issues, I would still be one of the millions of people who suffer from eczema, and who are struggling to find a product that works.

I believe in this product because I know first hand that it works! Maybe just maybe, it could transform your life too.

If you have a story like Alyxis’ that you would like to share, please email us at The more people we have sharing their CBD experience, the greater the impact, and the more individuals we can help who are suffering from similar conditions.


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