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Rx Canna Care was founded by Twompson Prater and is based in Los Angeles California.  Twompson was born and raised in Northern California, and has been a part of the cannabis community for most of his life.  He is known as a master grower, cannabis advocate, and has a passion for science and chemistry.  Being so versatile, has allowed him to be at the forefront of the CBD skincare industry, and has created award-winning products.

Rx Canna Care as a company was formed out of love for family and friends.  Twompson’s younger sister was suffering from dry skin issues, so she asked him to formulate something to help her.  The original Canna Cream formula was created.  The highest quality, all-natural ingredients from around the world were sourced.  The original product was a success.  Other formulas of the Canna Cream were created for friends and family.  The unscented Canna Cream, in particular, was formulated for a longtime friend and young, breast cancer patient, Meghan Koziel.  The success of the Canna Cream birthed Rx Canna Care and the CBD product line.

Our mission is to become advocates and educators as to how CBD can create synergy between health and overall well being for its users.  Mother Nature has been long providing us with the ingredients to heal our bodies naturally,  Rx Canna Care strives to provide quality farm to consumer CBD products.  The products will activate the mind and empower the body to work in unison in it’s optimum state.  They will assist in promoting maximum health, lasting youthfulness, and longevity.

WE are the farmers, WE are the formulators, WE are the manufacturers, WE are the sales, and WE can CREATE products for others!  Rx Canna Care has the lowest priced products on the market and we have CBD you can trust!

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